There comes a time when you want affordable lock service solutions but still the assurance of high security. More often than not, lock rekey services come to play that role. As long as your locks are resistant and in tip top condition, there is no need to change them. Sometimes, rekeying locks is the best solution and definitely one of the most cost-Rekey Locks Torontoeffective services.

Our locksmith will rekey locks in Toronto if your keys are missing or you move to a new property. The idea is to change your key and substitute it with a new key so that no unauthorized person will ever be able to gain access to your property.

We rekey locks affordably and promptly

If you want expert service in a timely fashion and still pay a low amount of money, contact us. Payless Locksmith Toronto offers the best solutions. We have been rekeying locks for a very long time and bring our experience to every job. Planning to move? Getting settled in a new office? Bought a new house? Call us to rekey locks and thus spare you the possibility of a break-in.

Intrusions become possible when strangers have your personal keys. Lost key? Call us. We provide emergency key change in Toronto, Ontario. One of our locksmiths will be at your property to rekey the lock and cut a new key for you.

We are experienced with such services and always travel with key replacement products, tools, and equipment in order to do the job right. Our locksmith will change the pins of your lock but won’t change the lock. That’s what rekeying is all about.

Our locksmith can also set master key systems

Rekeying means changing lock pins and their configuration so that the lock will work with a new key. Our experience enables us to set up a master key system too. If you want one key for plenty of doors, that’s the system you want. We can prepare your locks to operate with one master key but also a number of sub-master keys apart from the regular door keys.

With expertise in such lock systems and services, our company can help you efficiently. Don’t forget that we can also rekey locks in Toronto urgently. So if you want emergency service, don’t hesitate to call anytime.